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G-Squared   Games   is   a   wholly   owned   division   of   Select   Gaming   Ltd,   the   largest   independent   operator   to the   pub   retail   sector   in   the   UK.   Whilst   being   wholly   owned,   G-Squared   is   run   as   a   separate   entity, autonomous from the rest of the company. The   idea   to   form   G-Squared   Games   was   first   discussed   back   in   summer   2012   when   the   UK   Gaming market   had   contracted   to   just   one   manufacturer.      A   year   later   and   we   launched   our   first   machine   “Return of the Count” which gained full retailer approvals. Our   goal   is   to   create   awesomely   fun   games   that   deliver   on   all   fronts   -   for   the   operator,   retailer   and   the player.   We   take   game   design   extremely   seriously   and   do   that   by   not   taking   ourselves   too   seriously!   We   try to put some of the fun back into gaming!
Sales Tel. +44 (0)1636 642734 Tel. +44 (0)1765 640209 Tel. +44 (0)1553 692817
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Partners G-Box Bank C r edit WW W.G2GAMES. C O.UK
The    G-Box    is    a    revolutionary    new    entertainment    terminal    designed    to breathe fresh life into the Skill with Prize (SWP) sector. Harnessing   the   popularity   of   mobile   app   games,   the   G-Box   has   a   bespoke suite   of   app   style   games   as   well   as   traditional   quiz   content   to   satisfy   the demands of both new and regular players. Full   on-line   connectivity   allows   for   tournament   play   with   live   leader   boards and the ability to remotely configure the machine. The G-Box is currently undergoing industry test.  
The   download   area   is   available   for   registered   G-Squared   customers.      If   you   are   having   difficulty   logging   in or you wish to apply for access, please message us at: (Opens in new window)
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Kick-ass, dongle free games! ©2015: G-Squared Games is a division of Select Gaming Ltd. Licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission. Operating License Number: 000-005946-N-309566-003 (Gaming Machine Technical Full) Company Registration No. 02510846 VAT Registration No. 573 547 809 
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